The Eliburn Reservoir (also known as Deans) is a very scenic 4 acre water, located just off Houston Road in Livingston.

The reservoir is stocked with many species including carp, tench, roach, rudd, perch and bream amongst others.

Regulations of the Fishery

1 - Landing nets are to be used at all times.
2 - All fish are to be returned to the water as soon as possible.
3 - Only 2 rods (Maximum) allowed per Adult angler with juniors allowed only 1 rod.
4 - All litter, including fishing line, is to be removed from the swim, irrespective as to whom it belongs.
5 - Any theft of fish from the reservoir will result in prosecution.
6 - No swimming.
7 - Night fishing is only allowed for W.L.C.A. season ticket holders.
8 - No Wilful damage to trees and plant life.
9 - No fly fishing.
10 - Barbless or debarbed hooks only to be used.
11 - No Keepnets.
12 - No bubble floats or spinning.
13 - Unhooking mats must be used at all times when carp fishing.
14 - No Radios.

ADULTS £5  a day
KIDS £2 a day

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